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How UK Introduced Nigeria To Election Rigging – Ex INEC REC Igini



United Kingdom

Former INEC REC, Mike Igini, has claimed that the United Kingdom introduced Nigeria to election rigging.

Igini made this statement during an interview on Arise TV on Friday, stating that whatever Nigerians make of the country, is what it will become.

Igini also emphasized the importance of leadership in Nigeria, stating that the country has abundant human and material resources but lacks competent leaders to harness its potential.

“What I want Nigerians to know is that whatever we make of this country, that is what it will become. It is clearly in our hands because, in this country, Nigeria, with all the human and material resources, all that’s required is leadership.

”Today, we are now in Court over the election that has been conducted. It should be noted that the United Kingdom, UK, that today is one of the countries that our people are going to; in short, after Nigeria, they go to the UK. It should be noted that even the UK, which introduced Nigeria to election rigging for a period of 99 years, almost a hundred years, had no post-election adjudication in the United Kingdom”.

The former REC’s comments come at a time when Nigeria is facing a series of electoral disputes.

In his interview monitored by News About Nigeria, Igini highlighted that the UK, a popular destination for Nigerians, had no post-election adjudication, unlike Nigeria, where the court is currently handling disputes over past elections.

Igini’s claims are likely to stir up discussions on the role of foreign powers in Nigeria’s electoral system. However, he did not provide evidence to support his statement, leaving room for debate on the veracity of his claim.

The former REC’s call for good leadership in Nigeria resonates with many Nigerians who have expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in the country.

Despite its abundant natural resources and large population, Nigeria has been plagued by corruption, insecurity, and political instability.

Nigeria’s political landscape has also been marred by allegations of vote rigging, which often leads to disputes and violence.

The country’s electoral system has been criticized for lacking transparency and accountability, with some calling for reforms to ensure free and fair elections.