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“No Man Born Of Woman Can Stop Tinubu’s Swearing-In On May 29” – Fani-Kayode



President Bola Tinubu To Stop Financial Leakages

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has expressed optimism about the future of Nigeria under the incoming presidency of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

News About Nigeria confirmed that in a lengthy tweet, Fani-Kayode stated that after the swearing-in of Tinubu on May 29, it will be a time for bridge-building and healing across the country.

He also predicted that Nigeria would take its rightful place among the comity of nations and reclaim its place as the giant of Africa.

The former minister further stated that the Tinubu administration would usher in a refreshing era for the people of the country, and Nigeria would not bow to any pressure despite the challenges that may arise.

Fani-Kayode emphasized that the new dispensation would establish eternal peace with all men of goodwill and put an end to the hostility and acrimony that exists between Nigerians.

He described Nigeria as a great and powerful nation boasting of no less than 250 million God-loving and God-fearing people of different ethnic nationalities and religious faiths, bound together by destiny, faith, and hope.

The former minister noted that Nigeria’s diversity is its pride and joy, and its faith in God is its strong defender and shield.

Fani-Kayode further stated that Nigerians must not forget the sacrifices of their heroes past and honor their memories by keeping hope alive and building on their great and noble legacy.

He urged Nigerians to stand firm and strong, hold the line, and keep the flag flying against all odds and despite numerous challenges.

Fani-Kayode concluded by stating that Nigeria is unbeatable, irrepressible, unshakable, and unbreakable, and will continue to excel, prosper, shine, fly high, and take authority and dominion wherever it goes.