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Welcome to News About Nigeria: Your Source for Verified News

News About Nigeria is a native digital media platform dedicated to delivering verified news from around the globe to our ever-growing readership.

Established by a group of seasoned experts, our independent news organization is driven by an unwavering commitment to serve both Nigerians and the global community with unfiltered, unbiased news.

At News About Nigeria, we aim to demystify news reporting and enhance access to objective information across the realms of politics, entertainment, sports, business, and other prominent stories.

Our organization firmly believes that factual reporting paves the way for constructive conversations and, ultimately, offers solutions to some of the pressing challenges facing Nigeria and the broader African continent. Therefore, News About Nigeria is not merely focused on being the first to publish; we also prioritize in-depth investigations that uncover the complete story without bias or prejudice.

News About Nigeria operates as a non-partisan entity and is committed to maintaining this stance. We take pride in being a no-nonsense organization, staffed by world-class journalists who adhere to the highest standards of journalism ethics.

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