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How Fuel Scarcity Is Affecting Businesses, Cost Of Transportation In Nasarawa



How Fuel Scarcity Is Affecting Businesses, Cost Of Transportation In Nasarawa

With the comeback of fuel scarcity in many states in the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, and neighbouring Nasarawa State, many businesses are already feeling the impact.

Residents of Nasarawa now have to pay double what they did before the scarcity, which has a significant impact on their cost of transportation.

Due to the scarcity, many filling stations in Nasarawa State and even the FCT have been closed since Wednesday up until today (Saturday), making it impossible for residents to have access to Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), popularly known as petrol.

The scarcity has now caused many to resolve to buy from the black market, which is selling at the rate of N1,000, N1,200 or even N1,300 in some places in Nasarawa State.

Speaking on the impact of the fuel subsidy on her business, our correspondent spoke to one Mrs. Chika John, who operates a mini-mart in Mararaba, Nasarawa State.

Mrs. Chika claims that since the fuel scarcity began on Wednesday, she has been having difficulty since she cannot access fuel because all of the petrol stations near her are locked and she cannot have light to allow her drinks to cool.

She said, “Since Wednesday, all my drinks have been hot. I cannot stay till 10 p.m., when I usually close before, because I cannot turn on my generator due to the fuel scarcity and the black market is too expensive for me.”

Additionally, Mrs. Maria Egba, a different businesswoman, bemoaned the fact that her regular transport costs have increased.

“Last Friday, I entered N150 from Mararaba to Masaka Market, where I bought my goods but this week, keke (tricycle) is charging N300 while to take a bike is even N600. This is too much. What are we even making from the business? The government should please help us.”

Another resident in the state, Mr Salisu Ahmed who also lamented the impact of the fuel scarcity, revealed that he was able to get PMS for his car at a filling station on the Abacha road axis, on Thursday at the rate of N800.

He further noted that working in the FCT and going to work from Nasarawa has never been a struggle like it is now because of the scarcity.

“For two years now, I have been working in Wuse and it’s not a struggle for me even though I am coming from one-man village because I use my car. But these last few days have been something else. I have struggled to buy fuel for days. I only managed to buy fuel on Thursday at a fuel station at Abacha Road, and they couldn’t give me more than five litres of fuel because they wanted to serve other customers. I am now buying black market at N1200 because I must go to work.”

News About Nigeria gathered that the petrol scarcity is not just in Abuja and Nasarawa alone, as states like Niger, Kaduna, and some other northern states are also suffering from it.

Speaking on the scarcity on Friday, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) attributed the scarcity to a shortage of PMS supply to the region.

They further noted that they are working towards addressing the issue.