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Peter Obi Expresses Concern Over 2024 Budget Allocation



Democracy Day: Re-Examine Democracy Of Nigeria - Peter Obi Tells Government

Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, expressed his continued concern on Twitter on Tuesday morning over the 2024 budget, focusing on its crucial importance to the lives of Nigerians, especially the least fortunate, News About Nigeria reports.

Obi promised that he would continue to advocate for fixing the budget’s shortcomings until the end of the year because it is a patriotic obligation to take up national matters.

He called attention to several budgetary concerns and stressed the need to review the budget and appropriately reallocate funds to meet high-priority issues.

Specifically, Obi criticised the allocation of N15 billion solely for the National Assembly hospital, stating that it far exceeds allocations to major teaching hospitals across the nation.

In addition, the former governor questioned why N15.3 billion was allocated to the National Assembly library project, which included buying books and an e-Library, but the National Library, which had a far smaller budget, is still unfinished.

Obi also voiced his displeasure with the N10 billion allotted for the National Assembly Recreation Centre and the parking lots of the Senate and House of Representatives, pointing out that the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation received a much smaller amount.

In conclusion, Obi urged the reduction of pointless spending and the appropriate use of resources for the good of the general population as he concluded his remarks. He also asked for a reevaluation of the nation’s priorities.

He stated that no great nation could be built on a foundation of waste and frivolity, stressing the need to reallocate limited resources to economically productive sections of the economy.