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Unveiling the Dark World of Money Rituals and Prostitution: Shocking Revelations from a Yahoo Plus Boy’s Friend

Friend Shares Startling Tale of Yahoo Plus Boy’s Descent into the Depths of Money Rituals and Prostitution



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In a shocking revelation, a friend of a Yahoo Plus boy has come forward to share disturbing details of money rituals and prostitution, News About Nigeria reports.

This friend, who shared the account on Nairaland, a popular social media forum, recounted a truly astonishing true-life story that uncovers the dark underbelly of the internet and the extreme measures some individuals are willing to take for success. Brace yourself as you read on.

According to the narrative, a desperate Yahoo boy sought the assistance of a Babalawo, a traditional spiritual practitioner, to enhance his illicit online activities. After completing the necessary payment and rituals, the Yahoo boy was advised to sleep with 25 ladies using a charm to complete the money ritual.

However, the Babalawo later cautioned him that he should aim to sleep with at least 50 women due to the likelihood of those women already having been used by others for money rituals.

The Babalawo advised him, saying, “I strongly recommend that you sleep with a minimum of 50 ladies because many of these women have already been used.” Yes, you read that right.

Filled with hope and a distorted belief in the powers of the spiritual realm, the Yahoo boy proceeded to book a lodge where he stayed for two months, engaging in intimate encounters with 120 different women.

But the most shocking revelation awaited him. The Babalawo informed him that out of the staggering number of women he had been intimate with, only 8 had not been previously used by someone else. This means that an astounding 112 women had already been used by other Yahoo boys.