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Newborn Dumped at Edo State IDP Camp’s Entrance



Edo State IDP

In a startling incident that unfolded at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp near Benin in Edo State, a helpless newborn was discovered abandoned at the entrance of the facility.

The distressing discovery was made by Pastor Solomon Folorunsho, the camp proprietor, who stumbled upon the infant in dire need of care and nourishment.

According to Pastor Folorunsho, the baby, believed to be only about two days old, was found in the woods surrounding the entrance of the IDP camp, News About Nigeria reports.

The unknown person who left the newborn also left a note, pleading for the baby to be taken care of. The heartfelt message read, “Please help me take care of him. I cannot take care of him, because I don’t have anything and I don’t want to kill him. Also, he is your own please.”

Moved by the plight of the abandoned child, Pastor Folorunsho immediately notified the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Women Affairs, the Police, and the Department of State Service.

He also issued a heartfelt appeal to the baby’s mother, encouraging her to come forward and not be afraid. Pastor Folorunsho emphasized the urgent need for breastfeeding, highlighting that the baby’s well-being depended on it.

Expressing compassion and understanding, Pastor Folorunsho extended an offer of support to the mother. He assured her that if she revealed herself, the camp and the community would rally behind her, providing assistance such as housing, food, and other necessities.

The primary objective was to ensure the welfare and future of both the mother and child. However, should the mother choose to remain anonymous, the IDP camp was ready to embrace the abandoned baby as their own, vowing to provide the love and care needed for the child’s upbringing.

In response to the heartrending incident, Pastor Folorunsho appealed to kind-hearted Nigerians to lend their support to the abandoned baby.

He called for donations of clothes, food, and other essential items, emphasizing the crucial role the community could play in helping the child thrive despite the challenging circumstances.

At the IDP camp, the abandoned baby has found solace amidst a compassionate community. Surrounded by caretakers and volunteers, the child will receive the love, attention, and nurturing necessary for a bright future.