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“I Need A Private Jet” – Tiwa Savage Laments As She Flaunts 14 Luggage She Travelled With To The Uk



Tiwa Savage

Nigerian music sensation, Tiwa Savage, has expressed her frustration with the stress of travelling with a lot of luggage.

The popular singer, who was recently invited to perform at the coronation concert of King Charles III at Windsor Castle, shared a video on social media of her at the airport with 14 pieces of luggage.

In the video, Tiwa Savage is seen lying on the floor as she checks in her luggage at the airport, News About Nigeria gathered.

She lamented about the stress she has to go through whenever she travels and stated that she needs a private jet to carry all her luggage at once.

“I need a private jet, man,” Tiwa Savage said in the video.

I’m tired of this sht. Every time I travel, I have to go through this stress with my luggage. I need a private jet to carry all my sht at once.”

Tiwa Savage’s recent Instagram video has sparked a flurry of reactions from her fans on social media.

Many of Tiwa Savage’s fans expressed their sympathy with her, agreeing that travelling with a lot of luggage can be a hassle.

Some fans even offered to help her with her luggage if they ever bumped into her at the airport.

Tiwa Savage, I feel your pain. Travelling with a lot of luggage is never easy. But don’t worry, if I ever see you at the airport, I’ll be more than happy to help you with your bags,” one fan commented.

Others suggested that Tiwa Savage should invest in a private jet to make her travels easier and more convenient. Some fans even started a hashtag #TiwaNeedsAPrivateJet to show their support for the singer.

“Tiwa, you need a private jet. With your level of success, you deserve it. We’ll all be happy to fly with you,” another fan wrote.

While some fans applauded Tiwa Savage’s honesty and candour in sharing her frustrations with her followers, others criticized her for being out of touch with the realities of the average Nigerian.

Tiwa Savage, you are complaining about travelling with 14 pieces of luggage when some people in Nigeria can barely afford to put food on the table. Please be more considerate,” one fan commented.

Tiwa Savage is yet to respond to the reactions from her fans.

However, her video has sparked a lively debate on social media about the challenges of travelling and the pros and cons of private jets.

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