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Oladips Lambasts Tunde Ednut For Refusing To Promote His Music



Oladips Lambasts Tunde Ednut For Refusing To Promote His Music

Nigerian rapper Oladips has taken to social media to express his frustration with celebrity blogger Tunde Ednut for his perceived lack of support in promoting the rapper’s music.

News About Nigeria reports that the rapper, who was previously declared dead by his management on November 14, criticised Ednut during an Instagram Live session on Monday.

Oladips recounted how he reached out to Tunde Ednut on November 3, 2023, to seek promotion for his new album.

Despite the rapper’s alleged death becoming a topic of discussion, Ednut reportedly ignored Oladips’ request for promotion.

Expressing his displeasure, Oladips mentioned that he had even offered to pay Ednut a reasonable amount for the promotional services.

However, the rapper claimed that Ednut refused to respond to his messages after that initial conversation.

Oladips condemned Ednut and other Nigerian media outlets for exploiting his alleged death for engagement without actively promoting his album.

The rapper stressed that there would be an issue if they continued using his death for likes and comments without supporting his music.

He hammered on the need for a balance, urging media outlets to promote his album alongside any content related to his alleged death.

Oladips warned that failure to do so would lead to problems, asserting his right to fair treatment and promotion in the industry.

News About Nigeria reported that Oladips’ personal assistant, Abdulrasheed Opeyemi, claimed that the rapper was not breathing for three days until he was revived and by then, his manager had already shared the reports of his death.

Abdulrasheed, in an interview with Punch, said, “I don’t know how to say this. It was a misinterpretation with the manager who has access to Oladips’ page. We all thought he was dead because he was not breathing until the third day when he was revived. By then, the manager had already shared the story.

“Even I could not reach him until the third day.”

Asked where the rapper was for the three days, Abdulrasheed responded, “He was with his family.”

Abdulrasheed also revealed that the music outfit has since sacked the manager, whose identity he did not disclose.