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Tolanibaj Mocks Christy O Amidst Cheating Allegations With Kess



Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show star, Tolanibaj, has taken a jab at her colleague, Christy O, in the midst of cheating allegations involving fellow reality star, Kess.

News About Nigeria gathered that the controversy arose after Della Moralles, Kess’s wife, accused him of having an extramarital affair with Christy O.

Della Moralles claimed that Kess had cheated on her and accused Christy O of being involved.

In response to the unfolding drama, Tolanibaj, via her social media handle, mocked Christy O, saying that Christy O was the one behind false narratives.

Tolanibaj specifically referred to a previous incident in which Christy O allegedly spread a narrative that Tolanibaj worked at a place known as ‘farmcity’, which was implied to be a spot for commercial sex workers.

Quoting Christy O’s tweet about her, Tolanibaj wrote, “You will continue to get exposed and self-destruct for this narrative you cooked about me.

“You see how quick karma came? This is just the beginning.”

In related news, Kess’s wife revealed that she has reported the reality star to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and the US Embassy.

According to her, Kess married her for papers and money.

She said, “Kess has an addiction for women. I didn’t know he auditioned for BBNaija; when I eventually found out, he refused to show me the audition video.

“When he got out of the show, he was angry with me that I made him lose out, that he could have won the show.

“He didn’t care that our baby died, he said the marriage was over.

“The EFCC has been notified, the US embassy lawyer has also put a red flag on Kess’s name, so that even if he applied for a visa, he can never step foot into the United States of America again.”