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Watford Legend Troy Deeney Sparks Debate By Comparing Self To Harry Kane



Watford legend Troy Deeney has sparked a debate among fans after openly discussing his football attributes in comparison to Harry Kane’s, News About Nigeria reports.

Deeney, who spent 11 years at Watford, scoring 140 goals in 419 appearances and featuring 165 times in the Premier League, revealed that he once had the opportunity to join Kane at Tottenham Hotspur during Jose Mourinho’s tenure as manager.

In a recent appearance on talkSPORT show, the 35-year-old striker and player-coach at League Two side Forest Green Rovers, expressed his views on where he believes he excels compared to Harry Kane, who is Tottenham’s all-time record scorer.

Deeney said, “Is Kane a better footballer than Deeney? Absolutely, I’d be naive to say he’s not. Is he a better finisher than me? Yes. Can he head a ball better than me? No. Can he control a ball better than me when there are two men on his back? No.”

He further explained, “So when you’re winning a game in the 85th minute and you need someone to come on because he’s getting a bit tired or whatever, he can’t do what I can do.”

Deeney also mentioned that if he had joined Spurs, his role would have been precisely to make an impact as a substitute in crucial moments.

Meanwhile, some fans expressed confusion and disbelief upon hearing Deeney’s comments. However, others showed their support for Deeney’s perspective, believing that there was nothing wrong with his assessment.

Deeney’s move to Forest Green Rovers in the summer is said to have been productive, with six goals scored in four games.

Meanwhile, Harry Kane has joined Bayern Munich and has also enjoyed a successful start to the season, netting eight goals in seven appearances.