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Drop My Name, Return My Bride Price – Yul Edochie Drags Estranged Wife



Drop My Name, Return My Bride Price – Yul Edochie Drags Estranged Wife

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, on Wednesday, dragged his estranged wife, May Edochie, over the alleged refusal to refund the bride price he paid her family.

The actor also queried why she still goes with May Yul Edochie as her name, insisting that she should drop his name.

In a post shared on his social media handles, the Nollywood star stated that despite May’s claim that she has filed for divorce, she has refused to return the bride price he paid to her family to marry her.

The post reads, “You have filed for divorce. Yet you refused to drop my name. Return the bride price I paid, you and your family refused. I have asked for the return of the bride price a couple of times, you people have vehemently refused. I don’t understand why.”

News About Nigeria reported that the actor had, in an earlier post on Tuesday, accused May of undergoing breast enlargement and tummy tuck surgery after the loss of their first son in 2023 without his consent.

Yul also asked his estranged wife to stop manipulating people to hate him on social media through her posts.

The Nollywood actor said this in response to a post shared by his first wife concerning the previous year (2023) and how it was a difficult one for her and her family following her marital crisis and the tragic loss of her first son, Kambili Yul Edochie.

However, in response to her post, Yul warned her to quit seeking sympathy from people while painting him as a bad person in public.

According to him, he was not going to allow her to continue to ruin his reputation in 2024 as she did in 2023, as he would not keep quiet nor tolerate it anymore.

He had also explained that he had been silent all along because he wanted to protect May’s image and brand, but on the contrary, she had actively worked to destroy his.

Speaking further on the breast enlargement surgery he claimed she did, he stated that, if she had died, he would have been accused of killing her when he had no idea that she did anything like that.

In the post, he also accused May of having an affair with a married man who he claimed consented to her breast enlargement surgery.

Recall that, the couple’s marital crisis came to light following his decision to embrace polygamy by marrying his colleague, Judy Austin, without the knowledge of his wife.