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Moet Abebe Reveals Why She’s Single

Media personality Moet Abebe has blamed the senselessness of men as the reason why she has remained single.



Moet Abebe

In a recent podcast episode of ‘Bahd and Boujee’, hosted by Moet Abebe and BBNaija reality star Tolani Baj, the popular media personality opened up about why she remains single at 34.

News About Nigeria gathered that the podcast featured Nollywood actor Etim Effiong as a guest.

In June 2023, Moet Abebe had previously shared her experience of enduring an ‘abusive’ relationship with her ex-fiance for about two and a half years.

In the October 2023 episode, she expressed her reluctance to date men living on the mainland in Lagos, citing potential inconveniences.

“I feel like if I call you at 11 pm, you will probably give me some story like it is too late, there are police on the street, I cannot come,” she explained.

Moet Abebe has been straightforward about her views on marriage, describing it as a ‘fraud’ in 2021.

During the recent podcast, she reiterated her stance, stating that the reason she remains single is that ‘most men do not have sense’.

When asked by Effiong why she was still single, Moet said that men are used to cheating and it gets her confused.

You already know my reservations. I am tired of saying this every episode.

“Your gender needs to do more. My issue with men is that they do not have sense. How about men stop dipping their fingers in so many pots? Because you are making me confused. That means I equally have options.”

Moet Abebe has been consistently making headlines in recent times for her candid and outspoken views.