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Address Me As “Ma’am”, Shaffy Bello Tells Younger Generation



Renowned media personality and singer Shaffy Bello-Akinrimisi has recently opened up about her dislike for familiar greetings,  News About Nigeria reports. 

While speaking in a recent podcast titled “Me, Her And Everything Else,” the actress-cum-singer shared her sentiments regarding being casually addressed by her first name and the common practice of waving in greetings by younger individuals.

During the show, Bello expressed her discomfort with the informal addresses and gestures.

Further speaking on the cultural differences that influence greetings, the actress revealed that she often encounters instances where younger people refer to her as ‘Shaffy.’

While recognizing the diverse ways cultures approach such interactions, she emphasized her preference for a more respectful term, stating that she would rather be addressed as “Ma’am” than by her first name.

In the podcast, Bello also disclosed that she understands everyone has different home training and how those trainings have helped shape us, especially in our response to things. She drew attention to cultural practices among the Igbo people, highlighting the use of terms like ‘aunty’ as a sign of respect.

She further underscored the significance of earning the right to use her first name, emphasizing that younger individuals have not, and likely will not, attain that privilege.

She also outlined her response to such situations, describing a measured approach where she communicates the need for respect.

Adding another layer to her preferences, Shaffy Bello highlighted her aversion to being greeted with a simple ‘Hi’ accompanied by a wave.

The actress expressed her disdain for the casual gesture, shedding light on her discomfort with these informal interactions.