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Ontario Proposes Groundbreaking Legislation to Eliminate Canadian Work Experience Requirement For New Immigrants



The province of Ontario is set to introduce groundbreaking legislation aimed at removing the Canadian work experience requirement for newcomers.

The proposed changes, expected to take effect next year, signify a monumental shift in how the province welcomes and integrates skilled immigrants, News About Nigeria gathered.

Starting December 1, over 30 occupational and professional licensing bodies in Ontario will be barred from imposing Canadian work experience prerequisites for licensing. Simultaneously, a similar ban is poised to extend to employers in job postings and application forms, dismantling a longstanding barrier for newcomers seeking employment opportunities.

The motivation behind this legislative stride is clear: to enable internationally trained newcomers to pursue professions aligned with their expertise, fostering economic growth and enhancing the province’s workforce diversity. Ontario officials assert that eliminating the Canadian experience requirement will allow more qualified candidates to progress through the interview process, unlocking doors to meaningful and rewarding careers.

David Piccini, the Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development, emphasized the need to redirect newcomers away from dead-end jobs they are overqualified for.

The objective is to ensure that these individuals contribute to Ontario’s workforce in roles commensurate with their skills and qualifications, ultimately benefiting both the newcomers and the province.

Moreover, the proposed legislation encompasses a broader vision for Ontario’s immigrant nominee program. By revising eligibility requirements, the province aims to welcome more international students, particularly those who complete one-year college graduate certificate programs, into its workforce.

This strategic move not only addresses the labor shortage but also aims to retain international students who choose to upgrade their education in Canada.

The potential economic impact is substantial, with officials estimating a boost of up to $100 billion to Ontario’s GDP over the next five years.

This legislative proposal not only signals a commitment to inclusivity but also positions Ontario as a welcoming destination for skilled immigrants, poised to contribute significantly to the province’s growth and prosperity.