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How Nigerians Almost Ruined My Career — Seun Kuti



Seun Kuti

Popular Afrobeats singer, Seun Kuti, has opened up about the challenges he faced in the aftermath of an altercation with a police officer, alleging that Nigerians almost destroyed his career during that period.

News About Nigeria gathered that the incident in question occurred when Seun Kuti was arraigned before the Lagos State magistrate’s court and detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in Panti, Yaba.

He was accused of assaulting a police officer on the Third Mainland Bridge in May 2023.

A viral video on the internet captured the singer slapping a police officer following an argument that escalated, with Seun Kuti feeling the need to defend himself and his family.

During an Instagram live video, Seun Kuti discussed the extent of the crisis he faced during this challenging period.

He expressed frustration with the way his name had been associated with various issues, including those involving Sam Larry and Naira Marley, irrespective of his arrest or detention.

Seun Kuti revealed that he came very close to losing his entire career due to the incident.

“I’m tired of seeing my name everywhere attached to Sam Larry, Naira Marley, arrest or no arrest, police or no police. I’m really tired, and I don’t want you guys to join me in your issues,” he stated.

He went on to recount how the incident negatively impacted his professional life. He revealed that he missed out on five or six significant shows during the summer because he had defended his life and the lives of his family members.

“That was how una used una mouth nearly spoil my life, nearly destroying my career with una yeye keypad and computer. I missed five or six big shows this summer just because I defended my life and the life of my family. For that reason, Nigerians wanted my life to be ended, for me to be destroyed and nobody cared.

“Nigeria Police suddenly became an innocent and peaceful force on earth. And Seun became the mad person that left his house looking for police to quarrel with. That was the picture you people painted about me then,” he said.