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UK-Based Movie Promoter Gifts Iya Gbonkan Brand New Car



Iya Gbonkan Brand New Car

Popular Yoruba actress, Tobola Olayinka, widely known as Iya Gbonkan, was presented with a brand new car by the United Kingdom-based film promotion company, Alexes, on Thursday in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

According to News About Nigeria, Iya Gbonkan had recently expressed her desire for a car, appealing to well-to-do individuals in Nigeria to assist her, as she was tired of relying on commercial motorcycles and public transportation to get to film locations.

Presenting the car on behalf of Alexes Promotions, Mustapha Jayeola explained that the motive behind the gesture was to honor her as a legendary figure in the film industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Omobolanle Olatise, had come across her plea on social media and instructed Jayeola and others in Nigeria to locate her and fulfill her request.

Jayeola said, “When we contacted Mama, she said she wanted a car because she is tired of going to locations through commercial motorcycle and public transport. We contacted Alexes Promotions in the UK and she said we should look for a good car for Mama.

”We contacted her immediately when we saw this car, and she paid the money in under 30 minutes yesterday (Wednesday). It was a surprise because we didn’t even tell her that we are presenting her with a car. So, she was so excited when she saw the car here in Ibadan.” Jayeola added.

Iya Gbonkan, accompanied by Alirat Adunni, affectionately known as Tamotiye, and Toyin Oladiran, also known as Abeni Agbon, was overcome with emotions and offered prayers for the continued success of Alexes Promotions and blessings for the entire family.

The gesture from Alexes Promotions not only fulfills Iya Gbonkan’s long-standing wish for a car but also serves as a testament to her enduring influence and contribution to the Nigerian film industry.