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Go To Court, Seek Justice Properly – Mr Macaroni Advises Celebrities To Sue Trolls



Mr Macaroni

Popular Nigerian comedian and skit maker, Mr Macaroni has advised celebrities to drag trolls to court instead of calling the police to “illegally” arrest or jail them, News About Nigeria reports.

The comedian said this in a series of posts shared on his official X account on Wednesday.

In his post, the comedian recounted how the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) had sent trolls to bully him on many occasions because he does not support them.

He also warned that “illegally detaining citizens” with the help of the police is unfair and carries “serious danger.”

He also warned celebrities to stop the illegal detention of innocent citizens through the help of their government friends.

Mr Macaroni who said this response to recent banter between Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham and some X users who had accused her of arrest said, “If anyone insults you or defames your character, go to court and seek justice.

“APC trolls insult me and tell so many Lies against my person. I have never for once used the police to illegally arrest or detain anyone and Never will I.
There is serious danger in using the police to illegally detain citizens.
I hope those of you supporting this abuse of power won’t cry foul when you or your loved ones are the victims. To be clear, this is not to support Online bullying and harassment. I strongly condemn it and believe that those involved should be made to face the consequences of their actions.

“I am a victim myself and I know how mentally damaging it is.
But go to Court and seek Justice like the rest of us do.
Don’t use your friends in government to illegally detain citizens. It may favor you now, but think about tomorrow when you no longer have that power or the closeness to that power. It might not be you, it might be someone you care about. What will become of us if everyone takes law into their own hands?”