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What I Discussed With Tinubu At Aso Rock – Umo Eno



Pastor Umo Eno

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, on Thursday, paid a visit to President Bola Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, News About Nigeria reports.

Despite being a member of the Peoples Democratic Party and his party challenging Tinubu’s emergence as president in court, Eno explained that his purpose for the visit was to congratulate the President on his election victory and swearing-in.

He also expressed his unwavering support, commitment, and loyalty to both the President and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

During the meeting, Governor Eno emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration between the state and federal governments.

He emphasized that Akwa Ibom is an integral part of Nigeria and stressed the need to work together to ensure that the people of Akwa Ibom can fully benefit from democracy.

Governor Eno specifically emphasized a number of crucial areas in which the state is in need of federal intervention to foster development.

One of the major concerns he raised was the completion of the Calabar-Itu road.

He requested the President’s assistance in expediting the completion of this road, as it is crucial for the state’s development.

Furthermore, Governor Eno discussed the significance of the Ibom deep seaport project and sought the President’s support in making it a reality.

Additionally, he brought up the requirement for obtaining an export license and establishing a free zone for the state’s airport to enhance its capacity for maintenance and repair.

In response to Governor Eno’s requests, the President assured him of his commitment to addressing these issues.

The President acknowledged the importance of collaboration between the state and federal government for the overall development of Akwa Ibom.

Governor Eno also addressed the recent removal of fuel subsidy and its impact on the citizens.

He informed the public that his deputy had already distributed palliatives to all local government areas in the state to alleviate the hardships faced by the people.

Additionally, he pledged to engage with petroleum marketers in Akwa Ibom to find further measures to mitigate the effects of the subsidy removal.

Governor Eno reassured the public that his administration would implement various initiatives to support the people and shield them from the adverse effects of subsidy removal.

He promised to unveil a range of measures in the coming week to alleviate the hardships faced by the citizens, leaving no stone unturned in their efforts.