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Sanwo-Olu Makes First Set Of Appointments As Second Term Governor



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Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has made his first set of appointments after being inaugurated for a second term in office, News About Nigeria reports.

In a bid to maintain continuity and build on the achievements of his first term, the governor re-appointed two key officials to their former positions.

Mr. Tayo Ayinde, who served as Chief of Staff during Sanwo-Olu’s first term, has been re-appointed to the same role.

Similarly, Gboyega Soyannwo, the former Deputy Chief of Staff, has been re-appointed to his previous position.

These appointments reflect the governor’s confidence in the abilities and performance of Ayinde and Soyannwo.

By retaining experienced individuals who have already demonstrated their commitment to public service, Sanwo-Olu aims to ensure a smooth transition into his second term and maintain the momentum of progress achieved during his initial tenure.

In addition to the reappointments, Governor Sanwo-Olu also announced the appointment of Bimbo Salu-Hundeyin as the new Secretary to the State Government.

This crucial role involves overseeing the operations of the state government and coordinating its policies and programs.

With her extensive experience and knowledge in public administration, Salu-Hundeyin is expected to contribute to the effective functioning of the state government.

The governor’s choice to reappoint Ayinde and Soyannwo, as well as the appointment of Salu-Hundeyin, highlights his commitment to assembling a competent team that can drive the implementation of his administration’s policies and delivers on its promises to the people of Lagos State.

These appointments are seen as strategic moves aimed at maintaining stability, continuity, and efficient governance in the state.