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“I Am The King Of Afrobeat” – Davido Spills




Nigerian music sensation David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has confidently asserted his claim as the king of Afrobeat in Africa, amid the release of his Timeless Album.

In a recent interview with Billboard News, the Nigerian singer, Davido expressed his belief that he deserves the title bestowed upon him by Forbes.

Acknowledging his significant contribution to the promotion of Afrobeats, Davido emphasized that he has played a pivotal role in spreading and showcasing the rich African culture in Western countries.

When asked about his reaction to being referred to as the “King of Afrobeat” by Forbes, Davido responded with a sense of pride and assurance. News About Nigeria gathered.

He expressed his confidence in his talent, influence, and impact within the music industry, cementing his position as a leading figure in the Afrobeat genre.

Davido’s claim to the throne comes as no surprise considering his impressive musical achievements and international recognition.

In his words:

“I mean, it’s true. I have lived in both places; I have lived in America. I went to school right here too, in Alabama. I was always spreading the gospel of African culture; food, and fashion.

“So, when it was time to do music, my dream was always the crossover; ‘When will that crossover happen?’ And you know, I was one of the first to get signed by a major label.”

With the self-acclaimed Afrobeats king’s chart-topping hits and collaborations with renowned artists, he has garnered a massive fan base not only in Africa but also around the world.