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Tinubu Debunks Rumors Of Failing Health, Confirms Readiness for Upcoming Task



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Former Lagos State governor and leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has dismissed rumors that his health is failing and confirmed to Nigerians that he is “very strong”.

Tinubu’s health had been a subject of speculation after he traveled to France, prompting rumors of him seeking medical attention.

News About Nigeria reports that the APC had maintained that Tinubu’s trip was for rest and recuperation from the stress of the recent elections.

However, some stakeholders had raised concerns about his health and whereabouts.

Upon his return to Abuja on Monday, Tinubu addressed party supporters and assured them that he has rested well and is prepared for the task ahead.

He reiterated that his health is not a cause for concern and dismissed the rumors of his failing health as unfounded.

Speaking to the crowd who followed him home, the President-elect said:

“I’m happy to be back. I have rested, I’m refreshed, and healthy and I’m ready for the task ahead. Forget about what the rumor mill may have told you. I’m strong, very strong.”

Tinubu, a prominent political figure in Nigeria, has played a significant role in the APC and has been widely regarded as a key strategist and influencer within the party.

His confirmation of good health and readiness for upcoming political activities is expected to reassure his supporters and stakeholders alike.

The issue of politicians’ health has been a topic of concern in Nigeria’s political landscape, with some leaders facing criticism for alleged secrecy and lack of transparency about their health conditions.

Tinubu’s open statement about his health is likely to ease any lingering doubts and put to rest the rumors surrounding his well-being.