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Passengers Stranded Along Lagos-Ibadan Highway



Lagos Ibadan Expressway construction

Passengers are currently stranded on Lagos-Ibadan Highway due to heavy standby traffic and the lack of empty vehicles to take them to their destinations.

News About Nigeria confirmed that eyewitnesses in the area blamed the poorly constructed bridges and poor management of roads which had hindered a smooth flow of the road network system.

There is currently no solution that has been provided for these stranded commuters as reported and the strenuous effort of passengers waiting for hours to get a bus can be seen in the photos.

According to a further report, drivers are scared to carry passengers because of the standby traffic and even if they wanted to reverse to pick up passengers, it will be hours to get to their rescue.

Sources gathered that it is not the first or second time the standby traffic is happening and that despite pleas to the government to change the poor situation of roads, no solution has been provided.

The poorly constructed roads have caused a lot of accidents and the bad effect of the road is not only restricted to consistently slow traffic system but also accidents and constant overheating of vehicles.

There have been similar reported events of stranded passengers in 2022 after Lagosians waited for hours in the gridlock which was extended to Otedola bridge.

The government is still currently silent about this reoccurring standby traffic as this is said to always affect the productivity of an average Nigerian traveler.

Judging from the current standby traffic system, passengers will wait for extra hours in the sun until the traffic calms and commercial drivers are ready to go through the roads.

Reports have it that trailers are part of the contributors to the consistent standby traffic because once the not-very motorable roads are poorly managed, the road would get worse and the height of the traffic system will keep increasing.