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How Layi Wasabi Makes Over $4,000 To Create Skit For Brands



How Layi Wasabi Makes Over $4,000 To Create Skit For Brands

Nigerian skit maker Isaac Olayiwola, popularly known as Layi Wasabi, has revealed that he charges over $4,000 to create content for brands.

The skit maker’s manager, Olufemi Oguntamu, revealed this in an interview with Tech Cabal.

Oguntamu shared that the skit maker charges ₦2 million ($2,000) for an Instagram-sponsored post, while he charges N700,000 per day for movies and other TV appearances.

Speaking on his content creation journey, Layi’s manager revealed that although he started on TikTok in 2020, they decided he move to Instagram because they believe that ‘reels’ appeals more to a broader audience and is the preferred app for his target market: millennials and Gen Zs.

The content creator’s manager further revealed that now that Layi has established a strong presence on Instagram, he is working on expanding to other platforms like YouTube.

Oguntamu also explained that they are still working on the decision for Layi to start creating content on YouTube because he will have to do different content from the one he does on Instagram because of YouTube’s demand for longer videos.

His management team said, “He wants to do a lot on YouTube to take advantage of the monetization available to creators there, but also doesn’t want to do the same kind of content as he does on Instagram. We’re taking our time, but Layi will be on YouTube very soon.”

News About Nigeria reported that the 22-year-old content creator added a feather to his cap on Saturday, May 11, when he bagged the award of Best Digital Content Creator at the AMVCA.