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Hisbah Arrests 20 Residents For Mixed-Gender Bathing In Kano



Hisbah Arrests 20 Residents For Mixed-Gender Bathing in Kano State

The Islamic police, known as Hisbah, in Kano State, has made headlines after the arrest of 20 residents, both males and females, for bathing together in contravention of the Hisbah law.

According to reports, the arrests were carried out by men of Operation Kau Da Badala at a leisure center situated at Ring Road in Kano, following complaints from residents in the area.

Dr. Mujahidin Aminuddin Abubakar, the Deputy Commandant General of the Kano Hisbah Board, confirmed the arrests, stating that the act of men and women bathing together violated the Hisbah law.

Under the Hisbah law, mingling of men and women inside water for bathing purposes is prohibited.

Abubakar expressed concern over the behaviour, stating that such actions could have been replaced with more beneficial activities that would earn rewards from the Almighty.

Abubakar further stated that upon completion of the investigation, the arrested individuals would face appropriate punishment for their actions.

In light of this incident, he urged parents and guardians to closely monitor the movements of their children to prevent them from engaging in activities that violate Islamic principles and laws.

News About Nigeria reported in November 2023 that eight crossdressers were sentenced by the Shariah Court in Kano State to three months in jail.

The suspects were arrested during a wedding at Kofar Waika in the Gwala Local Government Area of the state.

They were sentenced after being caught wearing female clothes and dancing like women.

The suspects pleaded guilty to the charge and asked that the court temper justice with mercy.

The Khade, Mallam Sani Tamim Sani Hauusawa, however, sentenced each of them to three months in jail with an option of a ₦10,000 fine each and also ordered that they should be given 10 lashes of the cane each.

The order to flog the suspects was carried out at the premises of the Hisbah Board in the presence of the public, and the suspects promised to behave well and not repeat the crime.