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Reps To Investigate Death Of Four-Year-Old Abuja Pupil



Reps To Investigate Death Of Four-Year-Old Abuja Pupil

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives resolved to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a four-year-old BrickHall school pupil, Miguel Ovoke.

News About Nigeria reported that Miguel died on the 28th of April, 2024, on the school premises during feeding hours.

The four-year-old was said to have choked on the meat in the meal packaged for him from home.

Following his tragic demise, the family of the four-year-old has since been calling for the closure of the school, accusing them of negligence.

The Ovoke family is insisting that if there had been proper monitoring, the child wouldn’t have choked on the meat in the first place.

However, the school today announced that it will be closing down for one week to mourn the late Miguel, who passed despite their timely medical intervention.

An investigation is currently ongoing, as an autopsy has been done to ascertain the real circumstances behind Miguel’s death.

Bringing up the matter during plenary today, a lawmaker representing Etche/Omuma Federal Constituency, Rivers State, in a motion of urgent public importance, said Ovoke’s tragic demise is having a “traumatic effect,” on his family and classmates.

He noted that, if not properly addressed, the incident would paint a negative image of Nigeria not just in Africa but across the globe.

In response to his prayers, the House observed a minute of silence in honour of the dead, resolving to set up a special committee to “investigate the circumstances leading to the untimely death of the young Miguel Ovoke within four weeks and report back for further legislative action.”