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Comedian Trinity Guy Surprises Struggling Graduate With Bus



Comedian Trinity Guy Surprises Struggling Graduate With Bus

Nigerian comedian Trinity Guy has gifted a bus to a struggling graduate whom he assisted just last week.

News About Nigeria reported in January that the comedian extended a helping hand to a struggling graduate making a living by collecting rusted iron from the streets.

In the video shared via Instagram, Trinity Guy was surprised and concerned when he saw the man collecting rusted iron outside his house.

Moved by this, the comedian approached the graduate to inquire about his circumstances.

The man revealed that he was an architecture graduate from a Nigerian university and was forced to pick rusted iron off the streets due to his financial situation.

The graduate shared that his wife left him and his child to fend for themselves due to poverty.

During an interview with Trinity Guy, the graduate mentioned that he collaborates with his older brother in selling the collected iron, earning between N500 and N1000 per day.

In a heartwarming act of generosity, Trinity Guy provided the man with new clothing, arranged for a professional haircut at a barbershop, and treated both the graduate and his brother to a restaurant visit.

He also gifted the man and his brother a sum of N50,000 to help them start a business. 

In his latest act of kindness, Trinity Guy went a step further and purchased a bus for the struggling graduate and his brother to use for a transportation business. 

In a video shared on Instagram, Trinity Guy blindfolded the two brothers, playfully pranking them about a visit to the police station.

Upon removing the blindfold, the graduate and his brother were delighted to find themselves standing in front of the gifted bus.

The brothers expressed their joy and gratitude, breaking into an appreciative song to thank Trinity Guy for his generous gesture.