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Mass Layoff Unsettles Lagos Water Corporation Staff

Lagos government terminated 450 temporary workers’ contracts



Mass Layoff Unsettles Lagos Water Corporation Staff

Following the state government’s termination of 450 temporary workers’ contracts last Thursday, employees of the Lagos State Water Corporation are currently experiencing worry.

News About Nigeria gathered that the impacted employees received notice of termination letters on Tuesday, along with a deadline to turn in any government property they may have.

According to sources, the decision to sack the workers came as a shock, leaving many staff members in fear for their own job security.

At one of the state waterworks, some employees expressed fear that they would face a similar fate; it was gathered that those put off had worked for the company for numerous years.

Speaking anonymously to PUNCH, a staff member described the emotional toll and surprise of the mass layoff on those affected.

He said that the sudden nature of the decision made it difficult for those affected to seek other jobs.

According to preliminary investigations, the state government said that restructuring was necessary, which is why the employees were let go, even though there was already a staffing shortage.

Kehinde Fashola, the Lagos State Water Corporation’s public relations officer, responded to questions by confirming that some employees were let off as a result of a breach of contract.

According to Fashola, the government found that certain contract employees had violated the contract appointment rules, with some of them working longer than the nation’s labour laws permitted.

She stressed that the government’s decision attempts to address concerns about non-compliance addressr regulations and ensure adherence to suitable contractual conditions, while also fixing any anomalies that may have occurred impartially.