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Pere Criticises BBNaija Colleagues For Succumbing To Fan Pressure



BBNaija’s Pere Egbi didn’t mince words as he criticised his fellow reality TV colleagues for being overly influenced by their fans.

In a tweet via X on Tuesday morning, Pere expressed his frustration, saying, “And to some of my colleagues, this is directed straight at you; WHO THE CAP FITS, LET HIM WEAR IT! Some of you are so gullible it’s pathetically unbelievable.”

News About Nigeria reports that Pere accused certain BBNaija housemates of allowing their fans to dictate their opinions and reactions.

He criticised them for succumbing to ‘stupid analysis’ from their fan base and, in the process, fostering negativity towards other housemates.

“You let your fans pilot you with their stupid analysis and like a weightless kite they direct you toward hate or disdain for a fellow housemate. You allow yourselves to be immersed in the rubbish and letting social media affect how you relate with others and dictate how you live your lives,” he wrote.

Pere went on to implore his colleagues to exhibit courage and independence. He emphasised the need for them to grow a metaphorical set of ‘balls’ and stand firm in their convictions.

“It’s something called balls that some of you need to grow and it’s something called standing for something you believe in that some of you need to learn to do,” he tweeted.

Not stopping there, he urged fans to be more responsible in their interactions on social media.

He pointed out the negative impact of fans creating and spreading narratives about their favourite reality stars.

Pere emphasised the importance of fans being more informed and less gullible in their actions.

“Some of you fans need to quit running around with narratives regarding your favs. You do more harm than good, especially with the display of ignorance. And some of you favs need to become less gullible, and more self aware.

“It’s becoming nauseating to sit and watch the display of foolishness day by day by some of you fans of different favs and how you manipulatively conjur things from thin air. Allow them be.”