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Things Will Get Better, Tinubu Assures Nigerians



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has assured Nigerians that the country’s challenging situation will improve soon, News About Nigeria reports. 

He gave this assurance during the All Nigeria Editors Conference (ANEC) held in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

The president was represented by the Minister of Information, Muhammed Idris. He expressed empathy towards citizens who have been facing difficulties due to the removal of fuel subsidy and other economic woes.

He acknowledged that the current situation is tough, but necessary measures are being taken to ease the burden on the people.

He highlighted the recent pay award of 35,000 Naira for civil servants, the investment of N100 billion in CNG-powered buses, and the signing of five executive directives aimed at boosting enterprises.

He also mentioned the creation of a committee to reduce Nigeria’s tax burden and the administration’s attempts to pay off billions of dollars worth of inherited foreign exchange arrears.

The President said that the pains being faced by Nigerians are necessary sacrifices for the development of the nation, and his administration is working tirelessly to build a better country. He urged the media to do their work diligently and come out plainly in the aspect of national affairs.

The conference was an opportunity for the government to address the concerns of the Nigerian people and to reassure them that their welfare is a top priority.

The government’s actions aim to ease the burden, overcome current challenges, and emerge as a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Nigerians have been going through economic hardship since the removal of fuel subsidy by the Tinubu administration.