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Pay Workers Their Wages – NLC To Tinubu



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The Nigeria Labour Congress has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to pay Workers what is due them, stating that failure to do so is a driving force of corruption. 

The Congress’s President, Joe Ajaero, made this plea, noting that payment of wages is a right of workers and is not supposed to be withheld from them, News About Nigeria reports.

Development Economist, NLC Hauwa Mustapha, while speaking on behalf of the NLC president, noted that a decent wage should take prominence in governance.

According to him, refusing to pay Workers their living and minimum wage, even as basic as it is, and denying workers their rights while enslaving them with work is an explicit example of corruption.

He noted that the politicians living large and turning a blind eye to the plights of the masses is a significant breeder of corruption.

Mustapha maintained that workers have the right to a decent wage, including the right to protest when they don’t feel comfortable with what is happening in their workspaces.

He called on the government to pay Workers what is due them, noting that a decent wage is pivotal to productivity and human capital development. “Decent wage is being realistic to the reality of living,” he said.

Similarly, the retired Chairman of the ICPC, Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, noted that decent wage must address and be in consonance with the expectations of the everyday life of Nigerians, emphasizing that it is at the core of what Nigerians struggle for and should be the pivot of good governance.