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Ex-Crystal Palace Owner Doubts Arsenal’s Trophy Prospects



Bukayo Saka

Former Crystal Palace owner and football pundit Simon Jordan, has voiced his disbelief about Arsenal’s ability to challenge for trophies this season. 

News About Nigeria reports that despite acknowledging the progress made by the club, Jordan remains unconvinced that they can secure silverware.

“Arsenal have got their act together… but they’re still not winning things,” Jordan stated on talkSPORT show.

He emphasized that while Arsenal has shown improvement in various aspects, their recent history of falling short in crucial moments casts doubt on their trophy-winning potential this season.

Jordan also cited instances from previous seasons where Arsenal failed to capitalize on promising positions. “I saw the coherence of the fans with the manager, the energy of the players, the belief system being installed… and then I saw them choke at the end of the season,” he recalled.

He also acknowledged that the Gunners “are a far more compelling club than Manchester United at this moment in time. Compared to Manchester United, they are miles apart.”

Jordan also pointed out some key differences between Arsenal and Manchester United. He noted that while Arsenal are composed and progressive, Manchester United are challenged with several problems.

“Arsenal feels like a cohesive, forward-thinking, and progressive football club, while Man United feels like a basket case of problems,” he said. However, he concluded that Arsenal still has several questions to answer about their ability to secure trophies.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have started the season strong, having won four, out of their opening five Premier League games. They also gunned down PSV on Wednesday in a thrilling 4-0 encounter, to open their Champions League campaign after missing out since 2017 (six years).