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Small Doctor Claims Mr Eazi Is The Richest Person He’s Ever Met, Surpassing Davido



Mr Eazi

Nigerian singer Temitope Adekunle, popularly known as Small Doctor, has recently made headlines with his assertion that Mr Eazi is the wealthiest person he has ever encountered.

During an interview on the Echo Room podcast hosted by Quincy Jonze, Small Doctor shared his perspective on the financial standing of two prominent Afrobeats stars, comparing Mr Eazi to Davido.

According to Small Doctor, he had the opportunity to meet Davido, but he believes that Mr Eazi surpasses the popular musician in terms of wealth. News About Nigeria reports

While the specifics of their financial status were not discussed, Small Doctor’s statement has sparked conversations and debates among fans and followers.

The ‘Penalty’ crooner said; “The richest person I have ever met is Mr Eazi. My perception is that he has money. It’s not even just having money, he has resources.

“I have met Davido. I call David ‘Richest’. If he hears ‘Richest’, he knows that it is Small Doctor. David is ‘Richest’ but Eazi is the richest person I have ever met.”

In a separate development, movie star Bimbo Success has raised concerns about the lack of flexibility and inadequate training among actors in the Nigerian film industry.

She expressed her views on the matter, stating that some actresses with financial resources mistakenly believe that money alone can guarantee the success of a movie.

Bimbo Success emphasized that the industry is losing its substance due to the influence of wealthy actresses who produce films without proper training or understanding of the craft.

She said; “It is lack of training (that makes actors not to be flexible in interpreting their roles). There are some people in the industry who do not go for training.

There are some ladies, who shot movies just because they had money. They would go behind closed doors to do the movie without prior training. Once they have money, they produce films, even without knowing the job.”

Speaking on how far she had come in the industry, Success said; “I have achieved a lot in the movie industry. Some people appreciate me. I got married when I was in the industry and I know many people in the industry. My husband, Saheed Oscar, is a director in the industry.”

Drawing from her own experience as a graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University, she credited her educational background for positively impacting her career.