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Brazen Thief Apprehended After Stealing Transformer In Community Overnight



Transformer Thief

In a shocking incident captured on video, a suspected thief was apprehended by vigilant community members after he was caught stealing a transformer from a neighborhood overnight.

The footage, which has since gone viral on the internet, depicts the audacious act and subsequent capture of the perpetrator, News About Nigeria reports.

The incident unfolded when the suspect, acting alone, boldly lifted the transformer and attempted to flee the scene.

However, he was swiftly intercepted by the community’s vigilant residents, who were alerted to the theft. The residents, astonished by the thief’s brazenness, wasted no time in apprehending him.

Enraged by the audacity of the crime, the community members subjected the suspect to a severe beating, resulting in his swollen eyes.

They expressed disbelief at his daring attempt to steal such a large and conspicuous piece of equipment without raising suspicion.

Tunde Ednut posted the clip with the caption: “This guy tiff a whole community transformer. People geh mind Oo! What if the thing shock am?”


Watch the video below:


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midey231; This Nigeria na different thing dey happen every day 😂

silvaboymusic; I’m not anyway in support of this, but my main disturbing statement was the voice I heard at the end of the video “e sana si werey Lori” and the sad part is na woman get that voice😢 so women support jungle Justice low-key off the media 🤔 and I dey always think say women dey emotional ooh, hmmmm the faces and look with mindset u see on social media is very different from reality ooh, some people really get mind oo, so u will watch them put fire on ur fellow human being and enjoy the person being burnt to death 💔

elka_realityofficial; Una see as the boy get mind bold wan steal big transformer like this of a whole community, can’t you see that he’s currently TRENDING now. Me that is planning now to Goan steal TINUBU SHOE atleast with that great adventure i must Trend.🙄🙄🤔🤔🥴😬😬 nah the same Motivational Speaker wey advice that guy dey advice me now.🥴

worryless0101; E get one particular fuse or na one little connector just like car brain-box that’s what they usually steal and dem Dey always sell that thing around 400k na him be their main target lol if dem comot that thing Ehn 100 years the transformer no fit work na that time all those landlord go do meeting and collect money from everyone for the street to buy another lol dem don thief our street own like two times.

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