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Nigeria Labour Congress to Hold Crucial Meeting with FG on Fuel Subsidy Removal



Nigeria Labour Congress

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has announced plans to hold a crucial meeting with the Federal Government on fuel subsidy removal today at 2 pm. 

NLC National President, Joe Ajaero, shared this information during his appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily program earlier today, News About Nigeria reports.

Ajaero stated that the government has expressed interest in discussing the matter with the labor union, following President Bola Tinubu’s announcement on fuel subsidy removal on his Inauguration day.

“Government seems to have shown interest in the discussion. As of last night, they reached out, and we have fixed 2 pm today (Wednesday) to commence the discussion,” Ajaero disclosed.

The NLC president affirmed that the labor union would not support the removal of fuel subsidy unless adequate alternative measures are put in place. Ajaero emphasized the need for the government to consider the implications of this decision on the average Nigerian citizen.

“Does it bring pleasure to us to say subsidy is gone and people start suffering? Is it not part of leadership for us to look at how the suffering of the people can be reduced?” he questioned.

Ajaero also highlighted some possible alternatives to the removal of fuel subsidy, including the repair of the nation’s four refineries and the provision of transportation alternatives for Nigerian workers. He emphasized the importance of finding practical solutions that would alleviate the burden on the citizens.

“The pronouncement by Mr. President is as good as law, and if in the process we make a law that is not practicable, the same people that made the law can look at it,” Ajaero added.

As the discussions unfold, the nation eagerly awaits a resolution that balances the government’s objectives with the welfare of the citizens.

As the clock ticks toward 2 pm, all eyes remain fixated on the outcome of this pivotal meeting, as it holds the potential to shape the economic landscape and the lives of countless Nigerians.