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Funke Akindele Sparks Concern Among Fans With Social Media Post On Depression



Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress and former politician Funke Akindele has raised concerns among her fans with her recent social media post.

News About Nigeria confirms in a tweet shared on her Twitter handle on Wednesday, Funke touched on the topic of depression and called on people to show kindness towards others. She also encouraged those struggling with depression to speak up and seek support.

Her words,

“Depression is real. Please be kind to others. Yes, don’t trade your happiness with anything, but still, be humane in all you do. We are all on a journey in this world. Be conscious. Be aware. Share. Make peace. Take risks and be grateful for success and victory. Yet be aware, love, forgive, and stay happy. for success and victory. Yet be aware, love, forgive, and stay happy.”

However, Funke’s tweet prompted a wave of responses from her followers, expressing worry about her well-being.

Many netizens flooded the comment section, inquiring if she was okay and offering their support.

One Twitter user, @abayomiibitunde, wrote, “Hope you are doing fine, Funke? Please be fine. Feel free to discuss with trustworthy folks if you need to unburden. Be well.

Another concerned fan, @dreychino, wrote, Big mummy, I hope you are fine. We need you to be strong for us! Keep loving yourself, ma.

@now14128311 commented, How much have you lost for the election that makes you depressed, madam? Better days are ahead, and keep your head up.

The concern from fans stems from the growing recognition of the seriousness of mental health issues, including depression, and the need for open discussions and support systems.

Funke’s decision to address the topic on social media highlights the importance of raising awareness and destigmatizing mental health challenges.