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Speed Darlington Claims Afropop Sensation Omah Lay Is Financially Struggling (Video)



Speed Darlington

Renowned Nigerian musician and influencer, Darlington Okoye, popularly known as Speed Darlington, has recently made headlines by shedding light on the financial struggles of fellow artist Stanley “Omah Lay” Didia.

In a viral video, Speed Darlington shared his observations, suggesting that Omah Lay is currently facing financial difficulties.

He expressed his belief that many Nigerian musicians are also facing financial challenges but conceal their true situation through careful packaging.

News About Nigeria gathered that the revelations made by Speed Darlington came after Omah Lay took to his Instagram story a few weeks ago to share his financial struggles with his followers.

In his post, Omah Lay openly stated that he was experiencing financial difficulties and requested to be left alone during this trying period.

His candid disclosure raised concerns among fans, leading to questions about his mental well-being.

Addressing the matter, Speed Darlington revealed that he had come across a photo of Omah Lay on Instagram, which revealed a background that did not appear lavish or expensive.

Additionally, he expressed disappointment in the jeans worn by the “Understand” crooner, stating that upon careful observation, he did not find anything particularly extraordinary about Omah Lay.



Watch him speak below

This comes after the Port-Harcout-born, artiste Omah Lay revealed how he grew up among “criminals”.

In his words:

I grew up among criminals. It’s crazy. I grew up in Marine Base. And if you know that place very much you will know that it’s like one place in Port

Port Harcourt where people didn’t used to go at the time I was growing up.

“I grew up around criminals, thugs and stuff like that. I grew up around pipeline [vandals], illegal business and stuff like that. So, there were a lot of troubles for me but what I said is part of the things that made me what I’m today.”