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I Will Work For Benue – Gov Alia



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The governor of Benue state, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, has vowed to work for the betterment and development of Benue state, News About Nigeria reports.

He stated this while breaking the Ramadan fast with the Muslim faithful in Makurdi on Friday.

He noted that the state is the least developed state among the 19 states in the northern part of Nigeria, noting that the state is just begining to come alive in his administration.

He maintained that he will work for the poor masses of the state who voted for him in an unprecedented manner.

“Out of the 19 northern states, Benue is one of the very least developed. It is just now that we are even installing solar streetlights.

“As we started work, hyenas came out to bite. They are demanding that we should not construct roads, build schools, pay salaries and provide street lights and I am saying: ‘no’,” he stated.

He also urged the youths of the state and country in general to embrace farming, join cooperatives, stating that the state government will provide support and capital to farm, adding that  Benue state alone can feed Nigeria if crises are stopped and farmers can return to their farms.

He admonished Nigerians to unite to be able to confront common enemies like bandits, kidnappers and corruption among others, stressing that Nigerians need unity in diversity to make meaningful progress in the comity of nations.

Alia also enjoined Nigerians to change their perception about government; about themselves and about religion, stressing that none of the holy books talked about picking tents against one another.

He, however, maintained that his administration is determined to embark on developmental projects that would put Benue in a pride of place among other states in the country.