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Former Minister Dalung Chides Tinubu For Blaming Buhari’s Regime, Tasks Him To Be Responsible



Former Minister Dalung Chides Tinubu For Blaming Buhari's Regime, Tasks Him To Be Responsible

On Monday, a former minister, Solomon Dalung, slammed the President Bola Tinubu-led government for consistently attributing Nigeria’s economic challenges to the immediate former President, Muhammadu Buhari, News About Nigeria reports.

The former minister also tasked the president with taking responsibility, as he knew even before the election what he was getting into before “he snatched power and run away with it.”

In a series of posts on his X account on Monday, Dalung noted that just sitting and blaming Buhari’s administration would not in any way help the nation’s economic challenge.

He therefore called on Tinubu to wake up to his responsibility as president and do the work he is meant to do.

His post partly reads, “The attempt to change narratives of #officialABAT from “don’t pity me, I look for the job and got it” to blaming Buhari by #BwalaDaniel #aonanuga1956 & Co travellers is uncharitable hypocrisy, #officialABAT knew all these problems.

“Blaming #MBuhari for economic woes cannot address the economic situation confronting the people? Can bulk trading be the only solution for #officialABAT & his economic team? The pregnant situation deserves urgent prescriptions. Hunger & high cost of living is at unbearable level.”

While admitting that Buhari’s administration was not able to fulfil the “change” promise made to Nigerians, Dalung insisted that the responsibility for Nigeria’s economic woes lies with Tinubu’s government due to its reckless policies.

Speaking further, he stated that if the President was able to deploy the same energy, knowledge, tactics, and money used during the 2023 general elections and the presidential election court cases to deal with Nigeria’s security and economic challenges, things would change.

He also chided the president over his inability to perform his “Lagos miracles,” adding that Nigerians cannot continue to sacrifice under rudderless leadership with reckless economic policies.