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Yul Edochie Slams Declining Attention To Oladips’ Music Now That He’s Alive



Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has raised concerns about the apparent decline in interest in the music of Oladips since the revelation that the singer faked his death as part of a publicity stunt.

Taking to his Instagram page on Thursday afternoon, Yul Edochie expressed his observations about the changing dynamics of public attention.

He questioned the decrease in posts and interest in Oladips now that he is proven to be alive.

The actor suggested that had Oladips genuinely passed away, the public response would likely have been more intense, with consistent posts featuring his photos and music.

Yul Edochie mentioned that people tend to show more love and support to others after their demise, drawing attention to the societal inclination to celebrate and commemorate the deceased.

He called for increased support for Oladips while he is alive, adding that jealousy and envy often hinder the display of genuine support.

“What’s up with the guy who faked his death? Una no wan trend am?

“Nobody is posting him? Nobody is posting his music cos he’s still alive. lf he was truly dead by now, una no go let people rest.

“Everybody will be posting his picture & his music.

“To support dead people dey sweet una pass the ones wey dey alive. Support him now that he’s alive, jealousy and envy no go let una,” Edochie wrote.

Oladips, who was previously reported to have passed away by his management, debunked the claims by sharing new evidence of him being alive.

In a video posted on his Instagram page, he was seen with an elderly woman, believed to be his mother, captioning the footage with the Yoruba expression ‘Orisha bi Iya Kosi’ (There is no deity like a mother).

News About Nigeria gathered that the video aimed to counter the earlier reports of his demise, which were accompanied by an obituary post on his official Instagram page. The said post has since been deleted.