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China Assures Collaboration With Africa, Pledges To Avoid Debt Crisis



The Chinese government has affirmed its commitment to collaborative efforts with African nations to tackle poverty on the continent, assuring that it will not contribute to a debt crisis.

This statement was made by the Chinese Consul-General in Lagos, Yan Yuqing, during the 18th China-Africa lecture held at the University of Lagos, News About Nigeria reports.

Yan Yuqing emphasised that China aims to assist African countries in addressing poverty-related challenges, emphasising the partnership’s focus on poverty reduction.

She clarified that China, within the G20 framework, actively participated in delaying debt repayments, contributing over 60%, and surpassing the efforts of other G-20 members.

Highlighting the positive aspects of Sino-African relations, the Consul-General cited achievements in infrastructure, trade and investment, education, and culture.

The lecture’s theme, “Chinese Modernisation and the Development of Africa”, aimed to further enhance bilateral relations between Nigeria and China.

Expressing her satisfaction with Nigerian students learning the Chinese language, Yan Yuqing envisioned increased cultural exchange, stating that students would benefit from understanding Chinese history and fostering friendships with the Chinese people.

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Adelaja Odukoya, praised China’s unique approach to socialism, terming it ‘Chinese essentialism’.

He underscored the transformative power of socialism, exemplified by China’s remarkable progression from poverty to a global superpower.

“I call that Chinese essentialism. This means they don’t forget their roots and they are very passionate about what they are.  Whether you like socialism or not, it is a different thing. If there is any social organisation that takes people from wealth into a superpower, it is the society that practises socialism.

“We have an example of China. Go back to 1949, where was China then and where is it today? Go back to 1917, where was Russia and where is it today? Capitalist society has done nothing for us in Nigeria,” he said.

The meeting, attended by various academic dignitaries, aimed to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations, benefit students through exchange programs, and explore opportunities for academic pursuits in China.