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Mr Ibu’s Career Not Over – Filmmakers



Nigerian filmakers, Lancelot Imasuen and Ugeze .J. Ugeze have assured Nigerians that Mr John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu’s career is not over,  News About Nigeria reports.

It was reported that the filmmakers, in a chat with NollyNow, had allayed the fears of Nigerians over the amputation of Mr Ibu’s leg, stating that the actor was going to return to the movie industry despite his amputated leg.

In the interview, Lancelot and Ugeze stated that they were optimistic that the actor, who had blessed the screens of Nigeria with his comic acts, would be back to the industry shortly, maintaining that an actor would always remain an actor no matter the circumstances.

Producer cum director, Lancelot, stated that the actor still has the opportunity of hitting the movie set with an artificial leg, as he is loved by many in the industry.

He noted that despite his unfortunate condition, it would not affect his acting career, noting that the power of Mr Ibu is in his words.

Recall that one of Mr Ibu’s legs had been amputated to save his life after undergoing seven successful surgeries earlier in the week, a development which left many movie lovers sad.

However, fans have opined that special roles will have to be created for ‘The Governor’, as he is fondly called by his supporters.

The comic actor is not the first to have his leg amputated in the movie industry.

Tunde Alabi, a veteran actor best known for his role in ‘Village Headmaster’, also had his leg amputated in 2016.