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Blackmail: Police Spokesperson Advises Nigerians On Sending Nudes



Spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, has advised Nigerians willing to send nudes to use the view once option if they desire to send out their nudes.

Advising Nigerians in a tweet on Wednesday,  Mr Hundeyin told Nigerians to cover their faces or set their devices to view once to avoid being blackmailed.

“If you must send nudes, at least do one-view or cover your face or any other identification mark. And do not forget that video calls can be screenshot/recorded. For others, it is a clandestine recording of their intimate moments, of course without consent,” Mr Hundeyin wrote.

The police spokesman lamented that he has lost count of people, sometimes notable ones, approaching me about someone somewhere blackmailing and extorting them with their nudes.

News About Nigeria reports that the warning comes weeks after the sex tape of popular Nollywood star Moyo Lawal leaked on social media.

Leaked footage of the movie star was all over social media, and many people criticised the well-known actress for filming her sex scene with her ex-boyfriend.

The well-known actress, however, expressed her dismay at the unauthorised release of the film on her Instagram page, emphasising that it was done without her permission, violating her trust and right to privacy.

Moyo Lawal made it clear in her statement that the film in question was shot with her ex-partner, whom she was engaged to be married to at the time.

She emphasised that it was never meant for public consumption, making the leak an infringement on her privacy.