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First Class Graduate Commits Suicide Over Unemployment




In a tragic turn of events, a talented young graduate took his own life due to the overwhelming burden of unemployment, News About Nigeria reports.

Michael Kibet, a 26-year-old first-class graduate in ICT and Telecommunication from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya, ended his life at his brother’s compound after an extensive and fruitless search for employment opportunities.

Kibet’s promising academic career came to a halt in 2021 when he completed his studies.

Despite his outstanding qualifications and academic achievements, he struggled to secure a job in his field of expertise.

The weight of constant rejections and the despair of unemployment drove him to make this devastating decision.

David Rugut, the Area Chief, expressed his deep sorrow over the incident.

Rugut confirmed that Kibet took his own life by hanging himself outside his brother’s house.

The loss of Kibet has not only devastated his family but also the entire Chepsangor location, as they mourn the passing of a talented individual who could have made significant contributions to society.

This unfortunate incident highlights the grim reality faced by many highly educated individuals in Kenya and other countries.

Despite their qualifications and the efforts they put into their studies, they often struggle to find suitable employment opportunities.

The high demand for jobs coupled with the limited number of vacancies creates intense competition that can be disheartening for even the most qualified candidates.

Unemployment rates have been a growing concern globally, with the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating the situation.

The pandemic-induced economic downturn has led to layoffs and hiring freezes in various sectors, leaving many graduates and experienced professionals without work.

This harsh reality has taken a toll on the mental health and well-being of individuals, leading to feelings of hopelessness and desperation.