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I Disagree With my Parents Jail Sentencing – Sonia Ekweremadu’s Daughter Protests



Sonia Ekweremadu

Sonia, the daughter of former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Ike Ekweremadu, has expressed her disappointment in the sentencing of her parents in an interview with BBC.

Ekweremadu and his wife were sentenced to prison for nine years and eight months and four years and six months, respectively, for their involvement in an organ trafficking crime.

In the interview, Sonia revealed that the news of her parents’ arrest was shocking to her and that she does not agree with the sentence, News About Nigeria gathered.

She admitted that her bias would always be on her parents’ side, despite the court’s verdict.

Regarding her kidney problem, Sonia clarified that she has lymphatic syndrome, but was not involved in the search for a kidney.

She also disclosed that she received many donors after the case became public.

Earlier today, it was reported that Ekweremadu and his accomplices were sentenced for plotting to harvest a man’s kidney.

The sentence has sparked mixed reactions among Nigerians, with some commending the court for upholding justice, while others have expressed sympathy for the former deputy senate president and his family.

This comes after, her father the former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Ike Ekweremadu and her mother Beatrice were sentenced to nine years and eight months imprisonment by a United Kingdom court for plotting to harvest a man’s kidney.

They were both found guilty of conspiring to arrange the travel of the victim, a young man, with a view to exploiting him for his body parts.