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Davido Seeks Joint Custody Of Daughter In Legal Battle With Sophia Momodu



Davido Can't Take Care Of Our Daughter – Sophia Momodu Responds To Singer's Suit

Nigerian music icon David Adeleke, known as Davido, has taken Sophia Momodu to the Lagos State High Court over the custody of their daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke, News About Nigeria reports.

The case, registered as LD/1587PMC/2024 and filed on April 17, 2024, sees Davido as the applicant and Momodu as the sole respondent.

Davido is petitioning the court for joint custody of their daughter, Imade, alongside an order granting him unrestricted access to her.

Despite their past relationship having ended years ago, Davido has continued to provide financial support for Imade’s well-being, including paying her school fees and covering the rent for the apartment where Momodu and Imade reside.

The artiste claims that Momodu has been making unreasonable demands, designed to frustrate his efforts.

He claimed that she rejected his offer of a N200 million apartment in a secure condominium in Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, which features amenities like a swimming pool and 24-hour power and water supply.

Instead, she insisted that he continue to pay N5,000,000 annually for rented accommodation.

Additionally, Davido pointed out that he had purchased a Range Rover SUV for Momodu and Imade’s use, only to be informed later that the vehicle was in disrepair.

Despite providing a replacement vehicle and additional funds for repairs, he discovered that Imade had been absent from school for two weeks, a situation Momodu attributed to the SUV’s condition without informing him promptly.

Davido further detailed his ongoing financial commitments, which include covering living expenses, paying for a nanny, ensuring medical and healthcare provisions, and facilitating international travel.

Despite these efforts, he claims that Momodu continues to make excessive demands, including a lump sum payment of $19,600 annually for the nanny’s salary.

In light of these circumstances, Davido accuses Momodu of unwarranted cruelty and inflicting emotional pain on him, despite his contributions towards their daughter’s upbringing.

He has, therefore, requested the court grant joint custody of Imade, seeking a fair arrangement that ensures his continued involvement in her life.