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Ashluxe CEO Calls Out Lyta For Wearing Fake Version Of His Brand



Ashluxe CEO Calls Out Lyta For Wearing Fake Version Of His Brand

On Thursday, a popular Nigerian businessman and CEO of the Ashluxe clothing brand, Yinka Ash, called out singer Lyta for wearing a fake Ashluxe shirt.

Sharing a screenshot from Lyta’s page where the singer wore an allegedly fake version of an Ashluxe shirt, Yinka Ash noted that the shirt was not from his brand.

He also warned that going forward he would be reposting anyone who wears a fake Ashluxe shirt and tags him in their post.

Reacting to his post on X, netizens were not in support of Yinka Ash’s approach as they insisted that calling out Lyta in that manner was too harsh and humiliating.

Also, many believe that Ashluxe CEO should give the artist an original Ashluxe shirt instead because he might not be aware that he got the fake.

An X user, @letterbaror wrote, “Mak una leave am alone Abeg”

Another X user, @ephizy wrote, “This Boy Don Suffer, Please Send Him Original One Instead.”

Also, said, “I get he’s trying to protect his brand but he should have reached out to him privately rather than doing this.”

@teenah_hair also wrote, “Oya buy the original one for him ode”

@w.u.r.a.h wrote, “Please leave this boy alone nahh. he’s clearly going through a rough phase. no be designer be everybody problem”

@kingkopay wrote, “Agbaya, y’all just hating on this kid for no reason.”

@amywigshop wrote, “They shouldn’t let this boy commit suicide. Perhaps his wearing ash and your own is ashluxe.”

@dayo_babayomi wrote, “Let him wear his fake shirt in peace Olosi…. na una Dev make dem do dirty stuff.”

@glenholdens wrote, “What if it was a customized gift from someone to him.”

@1xodon wrote, “dem wan finish the gas for him lyta.”