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Asake Didn’t Have An Accommodation In OAU – Yemi Elesho



Asake Didn’t Have An Accommodation In OAU – Yemi Elesho

Social media content creator Yemi Elesho recently shed light on the past struggles of singer Asake during their time as students at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), News About Nigeria reports.

In an interview with Echo Room, Elesho disclosed that Asake faced financial challenges and couldn’t afford accommodation during their university days.

Elesho further explained that Asake’s journey from a struggling artiste to a superstar has led to changes in his relationships.

He said that it was only natural for Asake to ignore some of his friends as a result of his new-found fame.

“Asake is big. I do not blame him. A lot of his friends are complaining that he doesn’t reply to DMs. I didn’t send him DMs because I knew that he wouldn’t reply. The kind of people he mingles with now are different

“He sees new people every day; what are we talking about? Asake is big,” he said.

Elesho mentioned that if he were in Asake’s position, he might also prioritise certain relationships over others due to the demands of fame.

He opined that leaving some friends behind is a normal part of personal growth and success.

“Naturally, he cannot carry everybody along. If I get to that level, I’ll drop some of my friends too. It’s not on purpose; it’s because of what I see every day. The ones that want to move along should also struggle so we can be on the same page. He is not doing it on purpose. 

“That guy deserves to blow. He really suffered. Throughout OAU, he didn’t have a house. He squatted with friends. Even when we finished school. That guy has suffered; he should be left alone to enjoy himself.”

He also acknowledged that, like Asake, he too has experienced changes in his friendships as he progresses in his career.