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Rivers: Despite Disagreement, Wike Wants Fubara To Succeed, Says Igbini



The former gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) in Delta State, Emmanuel Igbini, has stated that, despite the clash between the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, and Governor Simi Fubara, Wike will not give up on seeing his predecessor progress, even if he is heartbroken.

News About Nigeria reports that Igbini, a friend of Wike, made this statement during an interactive session with reporters in Warri, Delta State.

He added that Wike cannot give up on the investments in Fubara, and he will ensure his successor’s progress in the next eight years.

Igbini also described Wike as a good and kind-hearted man who does not betray others, putting his life on the line to defend them.

He emphasized that Wike remains committed to his pledges to others, regardless of the challenges that may arise, even when betrayed by those for whom he sacrificed.

Furthermore, Igbini noted that the public should not be misled into believing that the former governor, Wike, will work against his successor.

He stated that Wike only feels heartbroken due to political misjudgment.

In a similar development, the former Rivers State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ambassador Desmond Akawor, revealed that the clash between the Governor and the Minister would soon come to an end.

He mentioned that the conflict is a normal political occurrence.

Akawor shared this information in a meeting with members of the State Executive Committee and the PDP Local Government Area (LGA) chairmen in Port Harcourt.

He also added that some bishops and other clergy in Rivers State have engaged the parties to resolve the conflict and restore peace between them.