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Kogi Poll: Scarcity Of Hotels Leaves INEC Officials, Security Agents Stranded



Lokoja, Kogi State’s capital, is seeing an increase in activity as the gubernatorial election approaches, with hotels in the vicinity fully booked, leaving INEC workers and security officers stranded.

According to The Nation, guests travelling in the city are having difficulty finding lodging owing to the upcoming gubernatorial election.

The Confluence State is seeing increasing traffic and mobility around locations such as Galaga Junction, Kabba Junction, and Sabo Market.

Several hotels in Lokoja are said to be at capacity as room reservations pour in from various sources. Among those arranging lodgings for the event are government officials, political parties, non-governmental organisations, and election monitors.

News About Nigeria gathered that many Independent National Electoral Commission officials, security personnel, and media participating in election activities are stranded and having difficulty obtaining suitable lodgings.

Ahead of the election coming up on November 11, there have been reports of political violence in some parts of the state.

A few days ago, the SDP governorship candidate in the state accused Yahaya Bello, the governor of the state, of attempting to assassinate him using the state’s security forces.

Murtala Ajaka noted that in the early hours of Tuesday, a group of police officers and thugs stormed the home of his campaign Director, Ibrahim Jubril, to assassinate him.

Ajaka claimed at a news conference at his campaign headquarters in Abuja.

He claims that he is alive only by the grace of God and that three police officers assigned to him were killed in the attack.

The governor also noted that one policeman was killed at the scene, while two others were taken alive, stressing that “my information is that they were summarily executed in a bush around Ajegwu on Itobe- Ayingba highway while the rogue force was returning to Lokoja.”